Why does my new mattress feel different from my old one?

It takes about 24 hours for your Revived mattress to fully expand after unboxing. If you’re upgrading from an old, worn mattress, the new one might feel unexpectedly firm. Give your body a week or two to adjust to the improved support of our innovative, highly responsive memory foam. (Your back will thank you for the extra attention!)


Why does my new mattress smell funny?

Compressing and vacuum-sealing our mattresses in plastic makes for an incredibly convenient shipping/unboxing experience, but not always the ideal first whiff. Don’t worry — the scent is harmless, and it will disappear in a day or two.


Why are there impressions in my new mattress?

Your Revived mattress instantly molds itself to your specific body shape and sleeping position, leaving you-shaped impressions that prevent tossing and turning. Rotate your mattress monthly to get the full benefit of this feature.


Why is my bed higher, and why do my sheets have a tighter fit?

One of the reasons your Revived mattress feels unbelievably cloud-like is its luxurious 11” depth. So, you might need to slightly adjust the height of your bed frame and pick up a set of deep pocket sheets. (Trust us: it’s worth it!)

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