A Family Business

In June of 2016, Revived CEO Kayla Duerstock and her dad (slash business partner), Rob Duerstock, made it their mission to help people live better by sleeping better. Driven by the belief that finding the perfect mattress should be as simple as possible, the father-daughter team decided to create their own and sell it directly to customers. Utilizing Rob’s background in furniture manufacturing and Kayla’s background in entrepreneurship, they joined forces to launch Revived, the mattress that makes every person a morning person.


Building a business from the ground up is nothing new to the Duerstock family — it’s basically part of their DNA. With Rob serving as mentor, Kayla and her sister created a successful coffee company, roasting their own beans and shipping them to customers all over the country. Though only a teenager at the time, Kayla was already passionate about mastering the fundamentals of running a business, and her father knew there was no better way for her to learn than by doing. They’ve been working together in a variety of ways ever since.


At home, every member of the Duerstock household sleeps on a Revived mattress because they really do prefer it to any other, including a few big-name brands they’ve owned in the past. Beyond being the most comfortable mattress on the market, Revived provides an affordable, thoughtfully crafted alternative to the gimmicky, overwhelming options found at traditional brick-and-mortar mattress retailers. Always looking for ways to grow and connect with more people, Kayla and Rob plan to introduce Revived to the hospitality industry so they can help travelers feel at home, no matter where they’re sleeping.

Keeping It Homegrown


Through Revived, the Duerstocks aspire to do more than just make a premium mattress:


From the start, we chose to design and manufacture all of our products in central Mississippi. One of the most important goals for Revived is to be able to contribute to our economy right here in the Mid-South. That’s why we employ local workers and use regionally-sourced materials as often as possible.


We hope you enjoy the comfort, style and craftsmanship of your Revived mattress as much as we do.



Kayla Duerstock and Rob Duerstock



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